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Asset Managers

Florida Realty Advisors delivers expert and timely real estate sales representation and transaction coordination to lenders and loan servicers for acquired properties (REO) located in South Florida. Our service locations include the following areas:

Click the links for ZIP Code details.

  1. Broward County

  2. Martin County

  3. Miami Dade County

  4. Palm Beach County

  5. St. Lucie County

Florida Realty Advisors will manage all aspects of your inventory of REO and foreclosure properties. Everything from the initial clean up and property valuations, to marketing the property for sale, and closing the deal. This includes Property Asset Management Services, REO Asset Management, REO Marketing, Broker Price Opinions (BPO's) Orders, and Asset Preservation.

REO Asset Management Services

Below is a list of the Florida Realty Advisors REO Asset Management Services. Please follow the links for more in-depth information.

  1. New REO Property - Initial Services

  2. Property Valuations (BPO)

  3. Maintenance & Repair

  4. Listing and Marketing the Property for Sale

  5. Monthly Status Reports

  6. Closing the Deal: Property Sales

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