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Maintenance and Repair

Florida Realty Advisors is well equiped to handle all repair aspects of your asset. Whether it’s a $30 repair or a $30,000 addition, we have both the capital and full-time reliable contractors to maintain any property.

With our full time team of sub-contractors, we can accomplish what other brokers cannot. We can make your job easier.

  1. Emergency Repairs - Coordinate emergency repairs when needed.

  2. Rental Properties – Florida Realty Advisors manages rent collection if property is tenant-occupied. A decision is made to either leave the tenant in place or evict. At this point, we will forward rental payments to our client minus the applicable management fees.

  1. Initial Clean Up - Obtain trash-out, initial yard service, and cleaning services.

  2. Ongoing Maintenance - Weekly yard maintenance, property preservation, basic winterization, pool maintenance, pest control and  treatments (each dependent on client preferences and property needs).

  3. Rehab Bids - Solicit bids from qualified contractors for work needed on property.

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