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Privacy Statement

Jack Watlington, the owner of FindPalmBeachForclosures.com, sincerely values your business and respects your right to privacy.  We want you to feel secure about any private information that you may provide to us.  This Privacy Statement has been adopted by FindPalmBeachForclosures.com in order to demonstrate our commitment to the protection of individual privacy. For the purposes of this Statement, "personal information" means information that is personally identifiable to individuals.  The term "non-identifiable information" means information that cannot be associated with or traced back to specific individuals with any certainty.

FindPalmBeachForclosures.com collects personal information from individuals on a voluntary basis through surveys, contest entry forms, registration forms, questionnaires, applications and transaction documents, both online and offline.  The personal information includes name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, age, birth date, marital status, housing preferences, demographic information, household information, and transaction-related information. FindPalmBeachForclosures.com uses personal information that it collects for the following:

  1. (A)To communicate with the individual involved;

  2. (B)To understand the individual’s needs;

  3. (C)To promote and offer products, services and special offers that meet the individual’s needs or that might be of interest to the individual based on information provided;

  4. (D)To provide the individual with products or services that are requested or that is part of FindPalmBeachForclosures.com's ongoing service with its customers;

  5. (E)To conduct, process and complete transactions with FindPalmBeachForclosures.com’s customers.

The information also enables FindPalmBeachForclosures.com to develop and customize its products and services to better meet the needs and preferences of customers.

FindPalmBeachForclosures.com does not sell, rent or trade personal information that it collects.  FindPalmBeachForclosures.com will not knowingly disclose personal information to any third parties except in the following circumstances:

  1. (A)When FindPalmBeachForclosures.com has received consent to do so or under limited circumstances specifically described at such time as personal information is collected;

  2. (B)When FindPalmBeachForclosures.com, in good faith, believes the law permits or requires such disclosure;

  3. (C)To its agents, professional advisors, promotional and marketing agencies, lenders, and to any other third parties in order to complete transactions, to process data and to service customers.  These third parties and their respective employees will only be provided with such personal information as is necessary to perform the services for which they have been contracted and are restricted from using the personal information for any other purpose other than as described in paragraph 2 above. In the event of the sale of FindPalmBeachForclosures.com or its assets, personal information may be one of the transferred business assets, and may be used by FindPalmBeachForclosures.com’s successors.

At such time as personal information is no longer required for the purposes stated in this Privacy Statement or other statutory requirements, such personal information will be made anonymous or destroyed.

FindPalmBeachForclosures.com collects and uses non-identifiable information to assess the effectiveness of website content and traffic.  This allows FindPalmBeachForclosures.com to improve the quality of visits to websites managed by it by streamlining visitors' ability to navigate these sites and developing featured programs and content that will be of interest to visitors.  Aggregate non-identifiable information is used to perform statistical analyses of the collective characteristics and behaviour of individuals, and to measure demographics and interests. FindPalmBeachForclosures.com also uses aggregate non-identifiable information it collects to inform its marketing and sales agents about the number of visits to its websites, the demographic characteristics of these visitors and the number of times visitors have viewed and "clicked" on the various web pages.  Aggregate non-identifiable information may be used to describe FindPalmBeachForclosures.com services and products to third parties such as prospective business partners, marketing consultants and financial institutions.  In any of these circumstances, only non-identifiable information in an aggregate form and not personal information is disclosed.

FindPalmBeachForclosures.com has taken measures to protect the security and confidentiality of personal information as are appropriate in the circumstances.  Personal information is stored in confidential databases and locations in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  These sites have appropriate security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of personal information under the care and control of FindPalmBeachForclosures.com.  Any information transmitted via the Internet, however, may be intercepted by third parties. FindPalmBeachForclosures.com does not assume any liability for interceFindPalmBeachForclosures.comon, alteration or misuse of information transmitted over the Internet. FindPalmBeachForclosures.com employees are restricted from using and disclosing personal information collected by FindPalmBeachForclosures.com other than in accordance with this Statement.

Individuals have the right to access, verify and correct or amend all of their personal information collected by FindPalmBeachForclosures.com.  FindPalmBeachForclosures.com believes that it is imperative that personal information be as accurate, complete and up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes for which it is collected.  Accordingly, to help FindPalmBeachForclosures.com keep personal information as current as possible, FindPalmBeachForclosures.com encourages individuals to amend inaccuracies and make corrections in their personal information collected by FindPalmBeachForclosures.com as often as necessary. 

To access, verify and correct or amend personal information, please send an email to the Privacy Officer at FindPalmBeachForclosures.com at: jackwatlington@gmail.com. To file a complaint with FindPalmBeachForclosures.com concerning the collection, use and/or disclosure of personal information, please send an email to the Privacy Officer at info@FindPalmBeachForclosures.com. All complaints will be investigated by the FindPalmBeachForclosures.com Privacy Officer as soon as is practical in the circumstances.  Individuals will be notified of the outcome of the investigation of complaints clearly and promptly and will be notified of any relevant steps taken or to be taken as a result of a complaint. This Statement has been adopted by FindPalmBeachForclosures.com as of August 1st, 2009.  Revisions to this Statement will be posted on our website as soon as practical.

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