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Closing The Deal: Property Sales

  1. Contract Negotiations – We negotiates all offers on client's behalf (within predetermined guidelines and stipulation "subject to corporate approval").

  2. Preparing for Closing - Offer is accepted. We monitors all details and activities necessary for closing, including:

  3. inspections

  4. contingencies

  5. loan approvals

  6. repairs

  7. disbursement instructions with title/escrow companies, etc.

  8. Real Estate Closing Papers - Florida Realty Advisors reviews all escrow papers, fees, commissions and HUD & closing statements, then forwards to client for approval and signature.

  1. Funding - We monitors all closings to expedite funding to lender.

  2. Accounts Payable - Submit invoices to client for reimbursement on a weekly basis. Upon closing, immediately obtain all final invoices to close-out the file.

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